Mark Wind

Welcome! I dont think I’m like most people, and why should my about page be any different. let’s be honest here, how entertaining can a list of achievements or reading about my place of birth be? So I’m going to do the opposite, the radical, the non-conformist approach. I will speak from the heart. So please, have a seat, poor yourself a drink and please enjoy.

I am someone who is a passionate, communicative, dedicated and full of love. My mind is always at work trying to create stories for people to experience musically. And hopefully, be able to touch your heart and minds. To make life feel bigger and more connected then it felt before you started listening. Because that is what music is about, in all its colors and emotions. And if I get to make YOU feel that, well then that is amazing. THAT is what want to achieve every time I punch in some notes! Every. Time.

As a young Mark I had lost my dad at age 15 and from that moment on, the world was not the world I wanted anymore. I wanted my world to be more, to be bigger, but most of all I did not want to be where I was. I guess you could call it escapism (i would :-)). I'm grateful my parents instilled in me such a feeling for music. Because of them, my first ever concert was Pink Floyd. Oh my gosh. I remember being so nervous feeling so overwhelmed, I felt like I had to go to the toilet every 10 minutes (poor mom&dad).

My first ever musical true love, is the Tubular Bells 2 album by Mike Oldfield. He had instilled with me the very feeling that I continue to feel today when I am writing music. For the first time, through his music, I could feel entire scenes play out in mind. And that never went away. As I got older and started writing music, that same feeling got bigger and bigger. To the point where I am today, writing music for a living.

So who am I? I am Mark Wind, with his head in the clouds and deeply in love with the act of telling stories. And I invite you to join me, to be with me on this never-ending journey of storytelling.

~ Mark Wind