Mark Wind
Mark Wind
Composer for Film & TV

Thank you for your interest, for your time, to read my about page. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I place a lot of stock in authenticity and sincerity, so for this page let’s not dwell on successes. Instead, as we intuitively feel with music, let’s speak from the heart. A genuine about page, rather than a simple list. Please enjoy.

Passion has often driven my life choices, but not the passion in the all too familiar fleeting sense. No, I am talking about the kind of passion that fills up the depths of our soul with a continuous energy to take it even further. And as such my mind these days, is always imagining, creating new musical stories. To make life feel bigger and more connected then it felt before you started listening. That shared sense of connectedness to a story unfolding on a screen, or embedded in the beat that is driving your night forward, is what makes music so very magical.

To tell you who I am, musically, I have to start with my parents. As I'm forever deeply indebted to my them. Through their shared joy in listening to music in extended sessions, almost daily, They instilled in me a profound passion and intuitive feeling for music. Thanks to them, my first ever concert was Pink Floyd. And oh my gosh. I remember being SO nervous, feeling SO overwhelmed, asking my parents to go to the toilet like every 10 minutes (poor mom&dad). Not long after, I found my first musical true love, Tubular Bells 2 - by Mike Oldfield. With that album, Mike Oldfield had instilled in me, for the very first time, through his music, the incredible sensation of seeing entire scenes play out in mind.

At the age of 15, I had lost my dad and from that moment on, the world was not the world I wanted anymore. I remember this profound desire for my world to be more, for it to be bigger. Because I did not want to be where I was, truth is I felt profoundly alone. And so my imagination grew and with it my love for music did as well. Going through it all cemented music as the primary role in my emotional life. So much so, that eventually I started writing music. And that same feeling I felt when I got to understand Mike Oldfield’s music, got bigger and more tangible. To the point where I am today, writing music for a living.

That profound feeling, never went away. And so as I work with a hope in my heart towards an ever brighter future, I want to express my thanks to you. My genuine thanks, by taking the time on here, caring enough, to read my story, follow my journey, and hopefully, enjoying my work.


~ Mark Wind